Refrigerant Gas helps in the Transfer of Heat to Enable Cooling Effect

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We are the leading dealers of Refrigerant Gas in UAE. Refrigerant Gases are a critical component in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. It undergoes a cycle of compression and expansion to absorb heat from one area and release it in another, which results in the cooling effect. There are various types of refrigerant gases, like hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), and hydrocarbons (HCs).

Refrigerant gases can pose safety risks if mishandled or leaked. It requires careful handling and storage procedures to ensure the safety of both technicians and occupants. Leakage of refrigerant can contribute to environmental concerns and system inefficiency. Proper maintenance and regular inspection is required to minimize leaks and prevent environmental contamination. It is important to choose environment friendly and efficient refrigerants to promote sustainable cooling practices and minimize environmental harm.

Refrigerant used in air conditioner pumps out heat into the atmosphere. During refrigeration cycle, the liquid refrigerant is turned to gas when heat is absorbed from the room. Then gets back to its liquid form when the compressor compresses. We offer a wide range of refrigerants for use in various appliances such as Air conditioners, cooling machines, etc. If you are looking to purchase refrigerant gas at best price in UAE, contact us. 

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